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Writing Jobs 23/09/2011

Every Friday we will publish the latest in writing job listings for writers so please bookmark the Creative Competitor and check out our site regularly.The following job listings have all been recently advertised online. We do not endorse any of the listings here and as with all Internet based advertisements, we recommend caution when applying.

Technical Writer/Editor

We are seeking to hire a technical editor for a full-time, on-site position. A competitive salary, insurance, retirement fund, housing and auto compensation are included.

Responsibilities of this position include:
• Writing and editing end-user guidance for consumer electronics (mobile phones, cameras, digital printers, etc.)
• Evaluating user manuals and producing professional reports that recommend how to improve the documentation
• Maintaining and applying style guides and standards at customer, project, and organizational levels

We develop user guidance for many of the world’s most popular consumer electronics, manage translation for content that is distributed across the entire globe, and provide B2B communication consultation for several of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers.

The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications:
• Native English speaker
• Minimum 4 years technical editing experience
• Minimum 2 years experience dealing with end-user guidance
• Proficiency with MS Office Suite (primarily Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
• Proficiency with Adobe Technical Communication Suite (primarily FrameMaker, InDesign, and Acrobat)

Compensation: Negotiable

Further details:

Travel Writing Posts  Edinburgh/Berlin/Madrid

City Travel Review — – Gap project travel writing/researchers new positions 2012- Berlin, Edinburgh, Madrid.

City Travel Review attracts participants/candidates each year to take part within our study/working gap placement programmes. Participants are usually undergraduates, post graduates, working young people taking a short sabbatical or those taking a gap year before or after University. Participants come from all different backgrounds, with the following purpose to gain valuable diverse working experience, learn a language from scratch or improve on foreign language skills already acquired. (Berlin and Madrid programme only) Many participants wish to gain a new experience possibly changing career direction in order to move into creative/history/arts/culture/language/media/communication/PR/journalism/research/travel writing/reviewing,design, photography/fashion industries. Participants are selected and usually placed in peer groups that have members of the team with complementary skills. The guide project is a project designed to test at all levels and is designed as a gap experience to add to the CV/resume. The actual guide produced upon completion of the team working project is displayed as an E-Book which is usually published with an IBAN number available to download online or ordered as a book by the public. Any profits made are kept solely by the participants themselves which always depend on the quality and how well the participants promote the guide after the programme. Participants are rewarded with bonuses in the form of project related activities, field trips, excursions, company visits and fun target related bonuses according to project deadlines being met.

Compensation: Negotiable

Further details:

Work-at-Home Writers (Anywhere)

Our company is currently seeking for freelance workers/writers with the ability to work from home. We are providing our writers with the opportunity to receive projects from employers in one or more of the following job categories:

● Creative writing
● Website content
● Tech writing
● Translation
● Copy writing
● Printing/pagemaker
● Sales copy.

Working gigs are available in other fields as well (Administrative support, Business service, Design Arts and Multimedia,Web development, etc).

Compensation: Depending on the project

Further details:

Writer/Organizer-Technology Lover and Researcher (Mid-Town East)

We are a small technology firm that needs to get organized both literally, and on a company-wide level to give greater precision for accountability. This includes files, old computers, categorizing documents. As a small Midtown company, you would be required to wear many hats and be able to work independently.
The person must be able to work at least 2 days a week.
The person would be required to work Thursday afternoons 12pm-8pm, as well as other hours that are mutually agreeable.

Compensation: $15 per hour

Further details:

Got a Razor Sharp Wit?

Hellooo! We are a social commentary publication looking for talent. It’s pretty straightforward: if you make us laugh, we give you money. You’re happy. We’re happy. Society benefits. GDP increases. Flow charts, pie charts, graphs. Good times.

What you need for this gig:

(1) a sense of humor.
(2) a digital stills camera.

You’ll get to submit 10 submissions a month, at 8 dollars a piece. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. This is really is the perfect slacker’s job.

To apply: submit two original photographs of anything – absolutely anything you want. It could be animate or inanimate, from a public space or a private one — and write a caption for it. Each caption should be comprised of at least one sentence, but preferably closer to a 120-word paragraph. Submit photos as attachments in your reply to this ad.

Compensation: $80 per month

Further details:


Writer for Magazine (Port Chester)
Freelance writers needed for each of the four categories below–to qualify, you must have a proven track record as you will be responsible for a complete section. Please apply to one section only, we are not looking for jack-of-all-trades:

A.) “Home and Garden” Section. Responsible for coming up with fresh ideas and trends for the whole “Home and Garden” section. Article Topics: 1. Do-it-Yourself/ crafts projects; 2. Gardening; 3. Cooking/ Recipes; 4. Holiday Fare; 5. Ecology

B.) “Life” Section. Responsible for coming up with fresh ideas and trends for the whole “Life” section. Article Topics: 1. Cover celeb biography; 2. Secondary celeb bio; 3. Travel; 4. Finances; 5. Books and Movies; 6. Last Word

C.) “Health” Section. Responsible for coming up with fresh ideas and trends for the whole Health section. Article Topics: 1. Fitness; 2. Women’s Diagnosis and Prevention; 3. Women’s Health; 4. National event tie-ins: Heart, Diabetes, Breast cancer etc.; 5. T/B/D – Example: Self Improvement, Hygiene, etc.

D.) “Style: Fashion and Beauty” Section. Responsible for coming up with fresh ideas and trends for the whole “Style: Fashion and Beauty” section. Article Topics: 1. Trending Fashion article/Layout; 2. Celeb View – Hollywood red carpet trends; 3. Beauty Products; 4. Optional Trending article; 5. Optional Trending article

Compensation: To be discussed

Further details:

Eco Friendly Website Seeking Writers (Anywhere)

Chosen by Time Magazine as of the best designed green websites, provides inspiration and information to help people create and maintain healthy living environments. We are looking for talented and enthusiastic writers. We are looking for a minimum 4 month commitment, contributing 1-2 articles per week, plus minimal data entry to continue to build the green products and services database. You will work primarily from home, so access to a computer and the internet is essential. We have monthly Skype calls and typically check in once a week. There will be an initial orientation/training session.

Compensation: Non-Paying Internship

Further details:

 3D Printer

We need just a handful of great articles, by a few talented writers, to help jumpstart a new blog on 3D Printing ( We will pay $100 for a 1,000 word+ article. These are the requirements:

– You have a good understanding what 3D Printing is
– You have a significant social profile and will use these social networks to promote the article you wrote, upon publication (tweet, share, stumble, etc)
– You are an excellent writer

The purpose of the blog is to present articles on 3D Printer technology that interests, and is understandable by, the average technology reader. It’s not a hard core techie site for 3D hobbyists. But it’s for people interested in technology in general.

Compensation: $100 per article

Further details:
Write about the Outdoors, the fastest growing local content network in the nation, is looking for experienced online freelance writers (Examiners) to write. Examiners are passionate local insiders who come from all backgrounds but have two main traits in common – a lot of knowledge about a specific topic and solid writing ability.


We seek Examiners to write in our RECREATION category, focusing on one specific topic area, especially the following:

► Backpacking
► Camping
► Cycling
► Green Recreation
► Fly Fishing
► Hiking
► Mountain Biking
► Nature
► Outdoor Adventure
► Parks
► Trail Running

Examiners write from a local perspective in the third person. This generally includes tips and useful information on upcoming events, specials/deals/promotions, vendor and product reviews, interviews, reports on national or global issues relevant to the topic along with local resources, and other topic-related articles.

Compensation: Not stated

Further details:

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