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Writing Jobs 11/11/2011

Here are the latest writing jobs hot off the press. If there are any that you like, then don’t delay. Good writing jobs get snapped up quite quickly.

SEO Article Writer

Our team at is currently searching for freelance content writers experienced with SEO on an independent contractor basis. Writers will be writing articles relating to the categories within our network. They will be required to implement keywords generated by our staff, utilize search engine optimization techniques, and do research for each article category.

Writers will be assigned articles and receive $8 per every 250-300 word assignment. Writers will be asked to submit a minimum of 20 articles per week.

• U.S. Citizen currently living in the United States
• Strong writing and grammatical skills
• Ability to research assigned topics
• Knowledge of search engines and how they work.

Compensation: $8 per 250-300 word article

Find out more here:


Top Internet Company Looking for Creative Writer (SOHO)

An award-winning, well-funded startup is looking for a multi-faceted, creative freelance writer to write for our blog!

What you’ll do:
– Create several awesome blog posts per day

What you’ll get:
– A healthy per-word compensation
– Professional experience being published by a reputable company blog
– The ability to work from anywhere you like (home, cafe, or Antarctic research base)
– A chance to work with a fast-growing company of smart, supportive people

Compensation: Pay per word

Find out more here:


City Guides (Seattle)

Your mission is to reach a small group of people that are as unique, and dare we say, as weird as you. You are being called to lead your tribe. Your vessel — a guide to Seattle experiences that almost no one will appreciate, but a select few will embrace passionately.

Your primary responsibility is to create a guide that your tribe will stay up all night long waiting for. Sitting on the edges of their proverbial chairs, your followers should be desperately refreshing your page, waiting to see what magical experience you’ve deigned to share.

The topic of your guide will be one of your choosing. The options are limitless: it could be for people who obsess over burlesque, fitness competitions, vegan food, dive bars, or those who are nuts about dressing their dogs in the latest hipster fashions. Most importantly, the guide should cover something that you know and love. Ideally, it’ll be about a lifestyle that you’re already living (and writing!) about.

We’ll pay $20 for every experience submitted that we deem worthwhile and interesting. We promise not to be prissy-prudes, and our hope is to accept most posts. However, if you feel that we aren’t being fair, you can always stop writing. We know this must be an equitable relationship.

Compensation: $20 per article ( 16 per month)

Find out more here:

Social Editor

We need somebody who’s talented, driven and really, really smart to join us as our social media writer/editor.

You possess:
• Inspired, and inspiring, creativity
• Excellent research, writing and communications skills
• A flexible prose style, able to cover the bases, from witty to factual to authoritative, always friendly
• The ability to work quickly and efficiently
• Strong organizational skills
• Exceptional attention to detail
• Basic proficiency with photo editing
• Three-to-five years of experience, but a great attitude and work ethic are more important.

Compensation: £15-$40 per hour depending on experience

Find out more here:

Independent Record Label seeking music writers for blog.

Job description:
Applicants must have a thorough understanding and interest in the music industry and culture, including knowledge in genres such as rock, classical rock, and alternative, pop, and indie music. Writers must be up to speed with the latest in music news and events. You will be required to contribute topic ideas and suggestions for upcoming posts as well present suggestions for any of our upcoming releases.
Posts should be informative, clever, intelligent, engaging, witty, fun and original! You will be able to work on your own schedule and from home within the means of our specific deadlines while averaging about 2-3 post contributions a week.

Compensation: $15-$18 per post

Find out more here:


Blogger for Men’s Lifestyle/Women’s Lifestyle/Tech Gadgets

We’re looking to hire bloggers / writers for three different websites we’re launching at this moment.

This will be a job that you can do anywhere on your own time and won’t even feel like a job as you get to write short posts about whatever you think is cool (or longer articles if you feel like it and really want to express your opinion). We’ll also give you a list of blogs that feature similar content that you can go through, find what you like, and rewrite it in your own words. As simple as that.

We’re looking for writers for each of the three websites, so check below and respond back to us with which website you would like to write for:

The first website is going to be a men’s lifestyle guide similar to This will include posts about upcoming cool things and events, products, and general stories such as found on

The second website is for a women’s lifestyle website such as and This is going to be a website all about the things that women find interesting and cool. Whether it’s celebrity gossip, fashion, health, love, etc,

The third website is tech blog similar to This is going to be a website all about the gadgets and technology coming out. Whether it’s a new smartphone, laptop, 3D TV, etc,

Compensation: $6 per blog post

Find out more here:

Nurse Writers Needed

We are looking for MSN certified nurses for a great writing opportunity over the next few months.  We are working with a major publisher in developing on line nursing modules.  The job begins right away.

Compensation: $600 per lesson

Find out more here:


Writer (Upper West Side)

Creative, growing media company active in print, web, radio, and TV, is looking for an experienced writer with a witty, intelligent style to work with best-selling author on a variety of projects. Ideal candidate will have a demonstrated fluency in covering current events and social issues in an engaging and lively manner.

Compensation: Yes but not disclosed

Find out more here:
Want even more writing jobs? Every Friday we send out a whole list of writing opportunities and markets to our Premier Members. Find out more here.



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