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Writing Ideas – Stimulate Your Inner Creativity

creative writing ideas


By Annette Young

Writing ideas are needed in abundance if you are planning to become a professional writer at some point. For many would-be writers, it is not their ability to write well and with passion that is the difficulty but the ability to generate good, solid writing ideas and this of course is paramount to success. Acquiring this ability is not too difficult; it is merely a matter of changing your mind-set so that you can view the world and its contents through different eyes and once you are able to do this, writing ideas should flow.

Writing ideas come in all shapes and forms and inspiration can strike in the strangest ways such as a flippant remark, a TV ad, a photo or maybe even a song lyric. To start stimulating your inner creativity so that you can generate many writing ideas, begin by studying the following:

– Practice people watching, people really do and say the funniest things, there is just so much human interest and untapped potential all around you that you may as well make use of it. Be discreet however.

– Keep a writing journal. Whenever you do get an idea, make sure to note it because even if it is not relevant currently, at some point, it could be just the idea you crave.

– Go for a long walk. Fresh air and beautiful scenery is wonderful for clearing flagging creativity. Writing ideas need stimulation and by experiencing natural beauty all around, you are bound to become inspired.

– Meet up with other writers. Writing can be such a lonely and isolating occupation that by meeting others it is possible to become inspired through conversation with others who share your passion for the written word. Join a local writing group or attend a college course or join our FaceBook group and interact. These suggestions will help you to be able to focus on the areas of improvement you need.

– Practise writing ‘what if’ scenarios. These are quick and easy writing tasks which require one or two paragraphs relating to a person, conflict or a theme and this can help break down writers block and open up the creative channels.

Providing you keep an open mind and a natural curiosity for the world around you, you will start to rediscover your potential for discovering fresh writing ideas.


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