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Writing Fiction – Who Are You Writing For?

Writing Fiction

by Annette Young

When you start writing fiction, you may find that you write only when the creative urge strikes. You are not necessarily planning your writing time and may have little idea as to what you will be writing. As you progress and the writing bug bites, it’s a good idea to sharpen your focus and to really consider what you want to write and who your target audience will be. Even if you are only writing for the sheer fun of it, you’ll improve the outcome and your abilities so it’s a win-win. 

There’s no doubt that knowing who you are writing for will help as it helps you to fix your mind-set before you start and it ensures you remain focused throughout. 

If you want to write short stories, which genre are you focusing on? Is there a particular publication that you love to read and you hope your stories will fit? Do you want to write a novel? Again, have a clear idea as to the genre. What do you like to read? If you love fantasy novels then you may wish to write something similar because you’ll know – on a sub-conscious level at least, the essential components to great fantasy fiction. If you want to write a suspense thriller, you have to consider the characters and how they can avoid or prevent the ‘suspenseful event’ from occurring.

If you are writing romantic fiction, it’s all about the characters, the rising passions and the obstacles that prevent them from getting together. If you want to write for the YA fiction market then the style of writing and language used will change also. Each genre will require different elements.

Who is your target audience? All these things need to be figured out before you start and it will make your creative writing pursuits easier and far more effective. 

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