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Chapter One Coaching Course

chapter one coaching course

Would you really like to see your novel in print?

Do you need help writing a novel?

The odds might be stacked against achieving your dream of publication but there are some important techniques to help you polish that first chapter to professional standard.

Annette Young personally guides you on this latest coaching course to help you write or edit your first chapter so that it becomes a compelling and convincing read.

This course tells you how to write a novel step by step whilst focussing its full intent on helping you to achieve that perfect first chapter.

Includes an appraisal of your work on the following:




Tension, suspense, drama,

Conflict and behaviour


Descriptive passages

If you really want to see your novel published alongside the best sellers in your local bookshop, then sign up today.

This personal coaching course is good for those writers who:

Wish to learn how to start writing a novel

Have completed a novel


Who have written Chapter One

Send in your first chapter for review and receive personalised feedback, encouragement and full support

£12.95 for Premier1 Members 

£15.95 for non-members

Want to receive discount off the full price of this course? Want to receive free entry into any Creative Competitor competitions or discounts off courses or critiques? Sign up here and then simply pay for the First Chapter course at £12.95.


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