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Winter Poetry Competition Winner

We asked for some winter inspired poetry and we had a great many submissions but we loved the poems by our three prize winners. Congratulations.

1st Prize: £500.00 Penny Russell

2nd Prize: £300.00 Dan Poole

3rd Prize: £200.00 N. Norton

Winter Delight

by Penny Russell

Snow, falls, like soft clouds, I watch through frosted glass, eyes moist, sitting here, I feel childlike, as if all the years, are stripped away.

I watch as children play, their voices carry, insistent, like the oncoming storm, shaking bobbles of snow from green fronds.

How they torment and tease, how they turn their frozen faces up to the winter sun, a pale orb in the bleakest of skies.

They laugh, blink, surprised, as snow, shifts from above door ledges and roofs, tumbling over them, onto red cheeks and noses that match.

The magic of winter and childhood combined, my breath, frosted against the glass, my heart beating in rhythm.

The trees shake their leaves, laden but free, now dark against a backdrop of white. I breathe easily, borrowing the joy from these children, not my own, but delving deep, I focus on the freedom of the past.

They give me hope.


Note: We only publish the winning submission so that the other prize winners are able to resubmit their poems to other competitions or to try to publish independently. Entry implies acceptance to these rules.

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