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Enter our Free Mystery Writing Competition and win either our fantastic ‘Write, Enter and Win Writing Competitions’ course worth £80.00 or our ‘Creative Inspiration for Writers’ course worth £65.00. Both courses will inspire and teach key techniques to take your writing to a new level.

Entry is FREE to all.
Simply complete the story in a maximum of 1000 words. (not including the supplied opening paragraphs).
Send your completed story to and add video mystery to the subject line.

Closing date is: September 5th 2010

Here is the opening paragraphs to your mystery story.

It was cold and the shadows were steadily encroaching on the decaying summerhouse which had once added splendour to her family home.

She shivered as the cool breeze played with her hair and the ivy rustled with malice as it scratched against the aging wood.

The note had said to meet at 6pm. It had said to come alone.

And now she was here, obedient, alone and nervous, just waiting and wondering what was going to happen next……

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