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Television Writer

By John Halasz

Becoming a successful television writer is the dream of many TV script writers who are interested in creative writing for this most popular means of entertainment. A television writer holds a prominent position in bringing programs to television because he or she is responsible for penning the plotline, the dialogues, characters, and creating situations for the story. The TV writer furthers re-writes and polishes the script until it is ready to be used for filming. The “show runner” or producer takes care of hiring the crew, cast, budget, and overall quality of the TV program.

Typically, each television writer contributes to writing the TV show, collaborating with several writers who work as a team of 4-20 writers. There is a well-defined hierarchy among the group of people working together on a script for the television. This consists of the following:

1. Executive producer – The executive producer is the main man to oversee the development of all the aspects of the TV show in making. This person performs the task of the chief television writer, hiring the directors, crew and the selection of the cast. The executive producer is the central figure who takes all the important decisions.

2. Co-executive producer – The co-executive producer helps and works closely with the executive producer. The co-executive producer is the spokesman and assistant to the executive producer.

3. The core group of middle level writers – This team consists of supervising producer, producer, and co-producers. All have clearly-defined tasks, each one assisting in the show’s production.

4. Lower level writers and editors – The executive story editor, story editor, and staff writer form the lower level of writers and editors who carry out the work of composing the story and developing the characters and dialogues.

Anyone who wants to become a television writer in any capacity must have the dedication and yearning to write. An inherently prolific writer will be a successful candidate to take up the reins of composing scripts for TV. An inner craving to give an overt expression to creativity can be a wonderful motivation to turn to writing for TV. When wanting to step into this profession, you are hired based on your quality of work output. As a sample of your writing prowess, you should keep ready spec scripts to show others that you are comfortable with the format and style for writing for television.

There are a limited number of positions for a budding television writer, but if you practice endlessly to hone your skill, you can be sure to carve out a niche for yourself. Write in the genre of your choice. This is a piece of the most practical advice because by following it you are likely to put your best foot forward and be a raving success. Watch a lot of TV. This is a self tutoring method and an enjoyable one too! Brainstorm and come up with novel ideas to compose scripts that are totally engaging and worth turning into great TV programs.

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