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The Writing Life


Life as a writer

by Annette Young

Someone asked me the other day why I write. It’s not a simple answer, it’s complex because it is such an integral part of me. When I tried to explain that I couldn’t halt the sway of characters or ideas that popped into my mind, that I lived and breathed my role as a writer because not only was it my career but I truly loved it and needed it, I could see them mentally calculating my sanity, or, at the very least, wondering how I was able to function in the real world.

But this is both the joy and the plight of the writer.

We are firmly contained within our own thought processes and life outside of our creative imaginings is often not as vibrantly rich or as fulfilling. I’m often guilty of switching off and slipping into my own make-believe zone as a potential whopper of an idea comes to mind. I often return to the present wide-eyed, wondering what I have missed. 

Not everyone can understand what it means to be a writer. Certainly, some people may not be supportive of your creative drive. This is because it is an alien occupation to many. It’s isolating and, time-consuming. You need to slip into the story-line, see it and feel it and become a watcher on the side lines of your own story. For family and friends, your writing passion may be just an annoyance, it takes you away from the family unit, it means you don’t listen to them or notice when those little jobs need doing. Often there’s a disbelief that it is possible to support yourself or to make a living through the written word. But whether you are as yet unpublished or, have started to carve out your niche as a writer, it’s more about the enjoyment of writing and of being able to satisfy those creative urges.

I think this….write because you need to, write because it feels good and write because you cannot imagine ever doing anything else. 

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  1. Bonnie L Tomlinson August 26, 2016

    I have meet a kindred spirit. Although, I will be turning 59 quite soon, from the age of 5 my life has been just like this. I would slip away into the world of my imagination, and once I could write, I just had to capture it on paper. And one it was on paper, I could return to my own world any time I chose and take up where I left off with my waking dream. I often shared these musings and writings with my family and friends, later my teachers and mentors, and they always said be a writer. Well it wasnt until recently, I took it all to heart and started on a serious free-lance career, after retiring from hospice nursing. Can you imagine going back to college at my age? Well, it has been wonderful. E-books, flash fiction, all those new things to learn about, including this lovely website to join for guidance and contests. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I am just as crazy myself, I must write!

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