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Literary Festivals Can Inspire Your Creativity

by Annette Young
Last night, I went to the start of the Salisbury Literary Festival and thoroughly enjoyed being with book lovers as well as to be in the presence of other authors. The interview with the first author of the festival-Neil Spring was really interesting. He was promoting a book called The Lost Village. This book is based upon a village not far from Salisbury and if you live in southern England, you may well have heard about it and its mysterious past. It was abandoned many years ago with the inhabitants forced out.  
This book, a ghost story, based upon the history of Imber village looks incredibly appealing. It also serves as a stark reminder that you can write about the things that inspire you and weave your own interests into your interpretation of an event that was very real.  
Writing can be a very isolating pastime. So, it’s worth getting together with other authors or creative writers so to help inspire each other. I felt inspired last night listening as Neil Spring talked about his writing day and I realised with some pleasure, that many of his thought processes, editing and writing schedule mirrors my own. There is a pleasure in being among other creative souls. It’s also worth attending literary events near to you because you’ll gain much from any presentation or interview that takes place. 
The creative process is a wonderful one but you don’t need to shut yourself away to write with intent, fiction works best when you couple imagination with real-life experiences. Open your mind and see what is around you. Develop a natural curiosity about the world and let your imagination run wild. It all starts with one single idea. Maybe your idea will become the next best-seller?
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