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Kindle Singles Course

Are you looking to break into digital publishing but haven’t the time to write a full  novel? Welcome to the ultimate guide to publishing for Amazon Kindle Singles. Make 70% royalties for each book sold.

Cracking the Kindle Single 


Amazon have always been at the forefront for digital books providing millions of authors the opportunity to self-publish and receive very real money for their efforts. Amazon paid fantastic royalties and made some authors very rich.

Kindle Singles Course

Now, there is a wonderful opportunity to publish short books but receive a whopping 70% royalties per book and yes, you are paid every month. Can you imagine your name in print and those funds paid straight into your bank account each month?

Kindle Singles require stories between 5,000-30,000 words. They are looking for a good solid story, it must be captivating and appealing and it is a great opportunity for you to be published.

We have put together an online course that guides you through the process of crafting an attention-grabbing story and publishing through Amazon. We have done the research so you don’t have to. This course is packed full of information to get your new career as an author launched. It’s coaching at its best.

Sign up and we will…

Review your ideas and help you to shape them

Provide detailed feedback on your opening pages

Provide feedback regarding the plot and characterisation

Inform you as to what works and what does not.

In fact, we give you the best opportunity to write a story that sells! Let us help you to crack the Kindle Singles Marketplace.

Launch date:

February 2nd 2018

Sign up now at our introductory offer price.

Pay just £25 – the price on February 2nd will be £49.95

Please note we will have limited places on this course due to the coaching aspect. Take advantage of this special offer today. 


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