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How To Excel At Your Creative Writing Classes

Writing should be a very personal expression of your thoughts, feelings and to a larger degree, your imagination. Creative writing classes can bring out the best as regards inspiration and it can also fuel the desire to succeed.

As a writing tutor, it is always interesting to watch writers develop and grow both in skill-set and confidence, I have seen this development through my online teaching but also to a certain degree, detected varying degrees of competitiveness within students at my creative writing classes. Anything that spurs writers on to bigger and better things is good in my opinion and a little competition can be wonderful to fuel inspiration and get the creative cogs turning.

If you are a naturally creative person and want to indulge in some friendly competition within the writing group, you can always ask the tutor to set mini writing challenges either individually or in teams. Small teams – pairs or groups of three work well together in creative challenges and if you’re less competitive, having two other writers alongside you can help take any pressure away. For me, the key to getting writers to develop is to make it as much fun as possible because anything enjoyable helps people to soak up skills like a sponge.

Writing is all about trying out new techniques and using your internal and external sensors and keeping the creative drive burning. Providing you show intent and a passion for the written word in your creative writing classes, your tutor is going to help you get where you want to be in terms of your writing career.

Never be scared of asking questions, tutors like it when students want to learn, what seems obvious to one student may not be to another. Following your own learning curve is important if you truly wish to maximise your creative writing classes.

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  1. Lexi December 26, 2010

    Reader’s 2011 might be brighter knowing this!

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