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Hot Topic Poetry Competition Winner

1st Prize:£150 Elizabeth Warner

2nd Prize:  £100 Max Crowther

3rd Prize: £75  G. Williams

Road Rage Remains

Here lies, your mangled remains, forged and wrapped around,
metal, smoking hot, the killing machine’s frenzied attack as that final corner, cut, oblivious and late for work.

Your cheery message, a faltering I love you, strikes a chord
deep inside me. I replay the voicemail over and over,  shuddering, weeping,  wondering why I couldn’t say goodbye when
fate snatched you from my clutches, you forgot to wake me as I lay tired, fragile from a night with our new born pride and joy.

I rejected your warmth last night, exhaustion crept in,
and  yet now, there is nothing left to
distinguish man and machine, yet still I try and they drag me, away, weeping from the car that took your life, only this metal beast can hug you to its inners.

Road rage they mutter, afraid to look,
as I try to identify the man I love.

A young man, shifts across the room, cuffed and forlorn, bent
on revenge for a foolish action, a forgetful moment of remorse and death. One will lay forever cold, the other walks, silent but bold. What price murder?

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