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Freelance Writing – Put Your Talents to Good Use

Freelance Writer

by Annette Young

Author Annette YoungDo you want to write articles for clients? Do you fancy learning the art of freelance writing? In my opinion, anyone who loves the written word and who has a natural curiosity for life could become a freelance writer. That’s not to cheapen the skills required to write professionally of course, there must be standards, but, if a career (full or part-time) in writing has appeal and you have an ability to uncover facts about any given topic, then, you could become a freelance writer.  There is of course, a variety of techniques to learn before you pick up any paying clients but, if you are going to make money from your endeavors, it’s important to learn the ropes, to understand what makes for a good article and to understand how to gain clients before starting out. There’s always a streamlined approach so you may as well start as you mean to go on.

Importantly,  you must take the role seriously.

This is a vital component to successful freelancing, whether  you want a new career or are doing this as a part-time income. Freelance writing should always be considered more deeply than just as a way to bring cash in, there should be a feeling of satisfaction, a sense of professionalism so that you deliver high-quality material for clients.  You have an obligation to act professionally and to delivery professional-level material. That’s what clients want.

Freelance writing and creative writing are worlds apart. That doesn’t mean that a creative writer cannot be a wonderful article writer but there’s a different mind-set and technique. I work as a freelance writer in between my work here on the Creative Competitor or on Creative1 Publishing, and I’m an author of fiction too. I like to keep my finger on the freelancing pulse and I enjoy the interaction with new clients. I like to research and uncover interesting snippets about a topic and it satisfies or balances the left brain, whereas fiction appeals to my right-brain attributes. For me, learning about new topics actually stimulates creativity and keeps me interested. I swap from freelancing to creativity constantly and it just takes time to develop this as as skill-set but once you do, there’s a never-ending stream of income available. Importantly, if you are going to freelance, do it with intent and do it with pride. I would never offer my clients something that I would not publish in my own name and that’s the secret.

If you are interested in freelance writing and would like to know how to put your interests, experiences and talents to good use, you may be interested in our Freelance Writing Course. CLICK HERE for more details.

Freelance Writer

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