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First Paragraph and Feedback Challenge


First Paragraph

Your first paragraph is so important. It must captivate and compel the readers to continue. It must draw them into the pages of your story so that they are fully immersed within. But just how good are your opening words?

Many writers dream of getting their stories or novels published and with the ease of self-publishing these days, it’s possible to do just this. But, are your words strong enough? Will they captivate the readers? Will you receive good feedback for your writing?

Your words represent you, they stand for your skill as a writer, so why take a risk?

We know the importance of writing to your full potential especially if time is short and so, we’ve put together this First Paragraph and Feedback Event.

How does it work?

Places are limited so, sign up now and on Sunday, we will send you all the details you need to create a strong, vibrantly-engaging first paragraph.

What happens then?

We review your paragraph and provide you with in-depth feedback. It will explain what works about the paragraph, what does not, how it can be improved, suggestions and future goals. This will help you to strengthen your opening paragraphs going forward and to understand how to tweak and edit those words until they are so powerful that readers will be hooked from the very first word.

Feedback is received the same day

There’s no waiting. This is why we are limiting places to just 10 writers plus 5 Write, Learn and Publish members.

Sign up and on the morning of Sunday 14th January, you will receive an automated email from us providing you with all the details you need. Please note – we ask that you complete your paragraph that day and we will submit detailed feedback by return. There’s no need to rush, take your time but deliver on or before Sunday evening.

Let’s make it even more fun

Although this is not a writing competition, let’s give you something to aim for. If the Creative Competitor team select your paragraph as the best provided on the day, you will receive a cash payment of £20 through PayPal.

Ready to book your place and improve your writing to a whole new level?

Pay just £7.50 here by clicking on the PayPal button below:



Write, Learn and Publish members pay £6.50 here by clicking on the PayPal button below:



Note: For those writers who are outside of Europe or who do not submit their paragraph until Sunday evening, your feedback may have to be completed the following day.



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