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Find a Writing Buddy

If I said that writing can be a lonely occupation, I doubt there would be few who would disagree with me, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We all tend to think of a writer as someone who is locked away in a study for long periods of time, typing away feverishly and only emerging for sustenance and perhaps rare social events.


Whilst some writers do live a more introverted lifestyle this is only because it suits them to do so and so if we wish to live a normal and sociable life then we should make every effort to do so, because the benefits can actually be great. Interaction with others can often spark off great ideas that may have lain dormant within our subconscious minds, if ever to emerge at all. Writers need fuel to burn that creative stove, the more fuel we give it, the greater our output essentially and this is why finding a writing buddy can be a wonderful thing and can deepen and intensify the need to write.


 Motivation can be made easier, words of encouragement are there endlessly, ideas generated and passed from one to another and of course there is that much needed feedback and reassurance from time to time. Take care when choosing your writing buddy though as it must be someone who you are instinctively in tune with. Connecting with the wrong person can have the opposite effect on creative output and just increase stress levels substantially.

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