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Creative Writing Ideas That Work

Author Annette YoungWant to be a writer? Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could just wave a magic wand and hey presto, you are suddenly the next J.K Rowling? Sadly, the road to becoming a good writer is not always an easy one. However, it is worth every stumble, every wrong turn and every navigational error because you can record every experience, every observation and every imaginative, creative thought and relay those words to others, inspiring them and entertaining them. To achieve writing success, you need to set your mind ready, to create a plan of action, to discover what type of writer you wish to be. If you use these creative writing ideas, they will form the foundation of your practice. It will also help to inspire your inner writer and will set you on the right route to fiction success. This may be all you need to get started and to ignite your inner dream of writing.

Ready to shake off the lethargy of non-creativity? Work your way through these fabulous creative writing ideas.

  1. Write as often as you can. 10-minute sessions will work well. There is no reason not to write each day. The more you write, the greater the results. You learn from your writing mistakes and that’s vital. Try different styles of writing, indulge in fiction and non-fiction, write short and long stories. It doesn’t matter the results in those early stages. Writing is therapeutic, and you will gain great pleasure just from the process of committing words to paper.
  2. Read often. When you are juggling home and work life and trying to fit in your writing, it may seem as if you have little time left to read. It is important to read, not just for the pleasure of course, but also, because it will consolidate your own techniques. You will see what works. If time is short, read short stories when you sit and have a coffee. There’s always a way.
  3. Be observant. You will gain so many ideas when you open your eyes and observe all that is happening around you. Unique characters, behaviours, actions, emotions and so many plots and themes all waiting to be discovered.
  4. If you get ideas and then find you forget them quickly, jot them down before they vanish. Keep a notebook handy. You can also use a voice recorder app on your android phone if you need to.
  5. Stop procrastinating. It’s all too easy to put off your writing. If you make excuses to watch TV or become distracted on the Internet, stop. Set yourself a designated time to write. Even if it is only for 10 minutes or so a day. Immerse yourself within your fictional world. It’s far more satisfying.
  6. Stay motivated. Read blogs all about the writing process. Read articles about publishing. This will keep your interest strong. It will also enable you to learn new techniques.
  7. Create a special writing space, one where you naturally feel inspired. Turn a spare room into a creative office environment and enjoy the time spent there. Make it a place where you feel relaxed, personalise it so that it truly becomes yours.
  8. Lock away your inner editor for a while. There will be time to review your work once you have finished. Give yourself a day or two before returning to the editing process, you will have a much clearer mind then and will spot errors. Remember that making mistakes can be good, when you realise what is wrong with your story, you can fix it and learn in the process.

If you really want to improve your writing skills, write regularly and tell the world, ‘I am a writer.’ Learn to love the creative process and commit to it. You may be surprised by the outcome.

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