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Open Poetry Competition

creative competitor open poetry competition1st Prize: £300.00

2nd Prize: £250.00

3rd Prize: £200.00

4th Prize: £100.00

Closing date: 15th June 2014

Entry fee: £4.00 or FREE to Premier1 Write, Learn and Publish members




We are delighted to be holding an open poetry competition once more as through experience, previous submissions have been wonderful – from very personal and touching poems, to wildly imaginative and sensitive poems.This brand new competition gives you a chance to enter any unpublished or favoured poems in a bid to scoop any one of our fantastic cash prizes.

Please adhere to the rules though.

We welcome submissions from writers worldwide.

Poems must be written in English.

Poems must be original and previously unpublished.

We welcome multiple submissions providing the correct payment has been made.

Poems should have a maximum of 40 lines.

Poems can be on any subject and written in any style. This competition is open to all.

From January 2014, we judge and announce winning submissions within 11 weeks from the closing date. Entry implies acceptance to all of the rules.

Pay £4.00 per poem and email your submissions to us.

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