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After the Visit Writing Competition

creative writing1st Prize: £500.00

2nd Prize: £300.00

3rd Prize: £200.00

Closing date: February 15th 2017

Entry fee: £3.50 or FREE to Write, Learn and Publish

This competition is all about the family  unit and what happens after someone has stayed for a period of time…perhaps the mother-in-law, the elderly parent, the rebellious child. Families are complex and often, extended time together can stir up unwanted emotions, friction or, deep feelings of love. Really, it’s up to you. Just bring the story to life by creating realistic characters, emotions and events. You do not need to use the photo published here but you may if you so desire.

Make your story compelling and as imaginative as you like. Just ensure that your story has a maximum of 1000 words so choose your starting point carefully. 


You must be aged 18 or over

Open to writers worldwide

 Maximum word count is 1000 including the title

Submissions must be original and previously unpublished

You may enter multiple submissions providing the correct fees are paid

You must enter on or before the closing date

Submissions must be written in English

We welcome imaginative interpretations of the theme

Payment must be made via PayPal and please add the payment reference number to the email.

Submissions must be pasted into the body of the email (unless otherwise specified) and sent to:

[email protected]



Please note: We try to publish results within 12 weeks – 16 weeks from the closing date. This is not always possible for a number of reasons.  Sometimes, it takes much longer. Please sign up to the FREE Creative Competitor News! We acknowledge any delays within this newsletter and within our Facebook page.  We only publish the overall winning submission so that submissions can be published elsewhere. Entry implies acceptance of our rules.

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