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The Wonders of Nature Poetry Competition Winner

Poetry Competition

We asked for creative interpretations of our theme and you did not disappoint. After a difficult judging period, we are proud to announce the winners.

1st Prize: £500 – R. Black

2nd Prize: £300 – J. Cobb

3rd Prize: £200 – S. Edwards

4th Prize: £100 – Fay Smith


By R. Black

Soft, yet stimulating, I had forgotten..

The easy silence of nature which

wraps itself around me, a velvet blanket of stars

with earnest intent, like a dot to dot

children’s book pointing the way.

My breath, frosted, absorbed, tension

is stripped, I merge into the earth, grounded, whole, like

the missing pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle

complete, life, tranquil, peace reclaims me.


Note: We only ever publish the winning submission which enables the runner-up submissions to have the potential to achieve publication elsewhere.


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