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It Must Have Been Love Poetry Competition Winner

We are pleased to announce the winners of our It Must Have Been Love Poetry Competition. We received some inspiring submissions but, we extend big congratulations to our winners.

1st Prize: £150.00  Sue Cooper

2nd Prize: £100.00  T.Cox

3rd Prize: £75.00  Elaine Dixon

Secrets of the War

by Sue Cooper

A careless whisper, time stands still for me as age old secrets come to life

This fading book, with fragmented truths, spill history, the slate wiped clean

Photos, tarnished with age, tumble into my reality and there he stands, uniformed, but I recognize the truth. Familiarity, like rain, sweeps across my soul, the secret locked behind dusty corners. My father, duty bound, a forbidden love, who left more than the essence of himself, gone, without a trace, yet here I am to carry on the journey. And I will.



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