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Dreaming Poetry Competition Winner

We asked you to submit a poem in 20 lines or less for our Dreaming Poetry Competition. We had some wonderful submissions and struggled as always to complete the judging process but, finally, we chose the final four. Congratulations to our prize winners. Take a look at our winning submission by Lindsey Collins.

1st Prize: £300.00 Lindsey Collins

2nd Prize: £200.00 L. M. Crane

3rd Prize: £150.00 Tessa Smith

4th Prize: £75.00 Paul Hope


Forever the Dreamer

by Lindsey Collins

Rain, a fine shimmer, gossamer-like veil falls bead by bead. The drops, fresh, kiss my cheek and sweeten my tongue. Am I dreaming?

In this place of peace, as scattered forget-me-knots turn the scene azure blue, I drift lazily, floating, swinging, the rough cotton hammock moulding to my frame, effortlessly.

Here, I dream of my youth and the adult I will be. I am caught, held fast, a transitional stage where my inner child hovers uncertainly between the veils of yesterday and tomorrow. Only in my dreams, will I reconnect.

Only when I close my eyes can I escape the confines of reality.

I feel the surge of fate enticing me, but I hold back, clinging to my almost forgotten dreams, I feel the fragility of their hold, as the ties draw tight and snap, and I spiral out of control.

My future awaits and like a moth to the flame, I cannot deny it. Eyes, tightly shut, I refuse to look, but curiosity compels. Not rain, but brilliant light, slivers of sunshine, bold, determined, dance the shadows away.

Not forget-me-knots but bluebells in this ancient woodland. I awake, refreshed, uncertain, but see my path. It meanders as do I. But I won’t forget.

My heart lies here among the dappled foliage and I will return, forever the dreamer.

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