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Simple Pleasures Poetry Competition

Our poetry competition asked for a poem to be written with the theme Simple Pleasures. It had to be written with a maximum of 20 lines. Congratulations to all three winners but a special acknowledgement to Amelia Simms.

1st Prize: £100 Amelia Simms

2nd Prize: £75 Jeremy Baker

3rd Prize: £50 Lucy Anderson


Simple Pleasures

by Amelia Simms


Ah, the soft kiss on a new born cheek, the gentle squeeze of fingers and eyes of blue that define our roles.

We, the creators, swear our allegiance to such innocence.   A single look, a sigh, we turn doe- eyed and express our joy. How could we have known, with mop coloured hair and gurgles so cute, that our lives would change beyond intent?

A precious moment as a tiny hand touches my heart.Such simple pleasures that make our hearts sing and keep us holding on for signs of recognition. Rosy cheeks and  fresh baby scent, powdered bottom and fed, we cocoon this child against the world and hold her close. Between the two of us, we protect.

Our inner lions ferocious against external perils and then love like bambi enfolds the three of us, contented in our world, with raindrops dancing on the windowpane as we watch nightfall.

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