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Murder Mystery Novel – Who Killed September Falls?

Death is Just the Beginning

Who Killed September Falls? is a dramatic, compelling murder mystery novel with a psychological slant.

Written in the first person, the story features Arianne Tawnison, who feels lost and alone after the murder of her best friend. After receiving a gift from beyond the grave, Arianne sets out to uncover her best friend’s murder travelling from the medieval streets of Salisbury, Wiltshire in England to the artistic, paint-washed hues of Ceret in the South of France. Trying to unscramble the myriad of clues, Arianne attempts to retrace September Fall’s last week and in doing so, puts herself in deadly jeopardy.

This is a murder mystery novel with heart. Can you catch the killer?

Written by the  Creative Competitor editor Annette Young 

Who Killed September Falls is available for purchase on:



Who Killed September Falls

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