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The Fiction Writer – Keep Your Reader Hanging

The Fiction Writer – Keep Your Reader Hanging is the fifth book in The Fiction Writer series by Creative Competitor editor and author Annette Young.

When writing fiction, one of the most important aspects to consider is how to keep the reader enthralled. This means tantalizing the reader and keeping them hanging on to your every word. This is not easy to do for obvious reasons and whilst the writing should be of a high standard throughout, it can be difficult to sustain that pace and momentum.

Writing a thousands of words requires a real commitment to entertain the reader and this means careful planning of those strategic hooks. Many writers get swept along by the potential of their own story from conception of the idea through to a glimmer of the characters and start writing furiously without a definitive idea of where the story is going to progress. The Fiction Writer – Keep Your Reader Hanging will change how you approach each cliff-hanger.

Author Annette Young guides you through the techniques required to ensure that your writing has dramatic impact and effect.


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