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Stephen Henning

Want to have a sneak preview of Stephen’s books?  You can read the first three chapters right here:



Author Bio:

I began writing the first Class Heroes book on my laptop in February 2011, but these stories have probably been continually playing in my head since I was aged five or six,  when I would act them out with toys and with my friends. I then branched out
into using pencils, colouring pens and paper, moving on to writing pads and
then my first computer.

So, as you’ve probably gathered, I have always enjoyed
making up stories and the superhero genre has been one of my favourites.
The CV-type stuff is that I went to Sheffield  Hallam University
in the UK  to study English. I then trained and briefly worked as a journalist in Manchester (Salford, to
be precise). After that, I moved into publishing – which was great. An  interesting and fun industry to be in. It was fascinating to see how books are  put together and sold.  After that I started doing technical writing, which led me
to start my own business with my friend and colleague Andrew Butters. My love  of writing, generally, led me back to writing fiction. Our company, Elucidox  Ltd, publishes the Class Heroes books.

If you want to know a bit more about me, what kind of super  powers I have and the kind of super villains I have to tangle with on a daily
basis, then feel free to watch the Rage superhero movie on  YouTube. Not that I take this superhero lark too seriously! This is a short film
that took a long time to make. It’s a simple day in my life :-). Actually it’s  just a fun movie that I made with the very kind help of some of my best mates.  We had a laugh doing it, hope you like it too. And if you do, then why not
explore the super world of the Class Heroes books?
The main website for the series
A ‘news’ website, with fictional news reports and videos relating to the events in book 1.
A blog, written in the form of a private diary, by the teenage  heroes themselves. It lets the readers know what’s happening in the characters’ lives after book 1 – and sets up book 2.




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