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And Thereby Hangs a Tale by Jeffrey Archer

By Prasoon Kumar

Telling short stories is something that comes naturally to Sir Jeffrey Archer. His entertaining, stylish and witty short stories are just the right showcase for his expertise of characterization as well as unexpected plot twists in the story. The book And Thereby Hangs a Tale gives you all the reasons to understand why Jeffrey Archer is one of the bestselling authors of the world. All the short stories collections produced by him so far have turned out to be among the top ten bestsellers.

Consistently Producing Bestsellers

His books have sold more than 210 million copies all over the world and these include A Twist in the Tale, Kane and Abel and Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less. His most recent novel titled Paths of Glory ruled the Sunday Times Bestseller list for more than two months. He himself appears to be very well satisfied with the youth of the country and says they read well and are not at all swayed by Television and Internet.

The Effort That Goes Into the Book
When new writers look towards him for advice, he says he puts in about 1000 hours of hard work to write just one book. He further says it’s essential to read a lot in order to become a better writer as great writing can only emerge from great reading. The author also says the Indians have great taste for stories, as they love stories which have beginning, middle and an end, and preferably, a twist in the tale also. Malgudi days is a perfect example of that, says Sir Jeffrey.

Based On His Own Experiences

There is a story in the latest collection about an Indian couple titled Caste-Off which touched Sir Jeffrey the most. It is about an inter-caste marriage and the consequences suffered by the couple due to the marriage. The collection reflects Sir Jeffrey’s own experiences in the last six years, the book contains 15 short stories, complete with wit, entertainment and of course, great punch lines.

Some Stories Will Be Relished More

The story Members Only is about the young man who tries hard to get into a prestigious Golf Club. It is a typical Archer book, therefore the language had to be solid and lucid at the same time. All the stories are so different, but the readers are likely to relish some stories such as “The Queen’s Birthday Telegram” and “The Undiplomatic Diplomat” more than the others. Some stories, however, are somewhat predictable but it only happens when you have read numerous such stories. These stories have been collected from all over the world and they come from as far as Germany, Italy, UK, France, and of course one from India.

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