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Tag: self-publishing

So You Want to Write a Novel?

by Annette Young

I believe we all yearn to write a novel at some point but now, there are even greater reasons for actually doing so. Writers can now get their novels published easily, self-publishing is acceptable and why not? There’s thousands, no, millions of fantastic novels that get turned down by traditional publishers. When you consider that J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter book was turned down by 12 such publishers, you can see that self-publishing really is a writer’s new best friend. Unlimited opportunities and potential for the creatively minded.

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Want to Publish? Then Publish Something Good

I have been known to rant a bit, but then I believe passionately in writing and those wonderful feelings of satisfaction achieved after writing and publishing something worthwhile. Being an author is not easy. Your best work is often the result of laboured productivity where you have to wrench experiences from deep within and to share them with the world. You put your heart and soul on the line every single time you have something published. Writing is hard work, you face rejection, you feel the brunt of reader feed-back, you are filled with doubts at times about your own skill-set, oh and the road to making a million is a long and trying one.

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