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9 Tips to Help You Get Your Ebook Onto Kindle

By Sarah Arrow

Amazon Kindle is an amazing tool, you don’t need a physical Kindle to read Kindle books you can read them with a PC or Mac App. This means that publishing your existing ebooks in Kindle format extends your ebook’s reach! With the might of the Amazon publishing market behind you, you can position your self as a market leader in your industry through your written word.

Here are 9 tips that will make the publishing experience easier to manage

1. Write the Ebook!
Don’t fail at the first hurdle, look at your existing content and see what you can create a great ebook with. It’s easier than you think. Many people are put off writing an ebook, take advantage of that and write your own.

2. Choose your topic carefully – write about something you know and love – when your passion shows in your writing your audience can feel it, can read it and they will respond to it. Look at the content you have pulled together and inject your passion into it.

3. If you have carried out great webinars / teleseminars / training videos then look at having them transcribed to help you get the great content you already have into words.

4. Consider hiring someone to write the ebook for you. A freelance writer  / ghost writer can take a weight off of your mind if you are not that confident in your material. What would work better is you writing and injecting passion into your ebook and then hiring a copy editor to tidy it up for you.

5. Writing helps position your business, once you have an ebook written you need to convert it into Kindle ready format ready to upload. You will need to do a little keyword research before you start the uploading process so you have an idea of the size of your potential market.

6. If your writing is stronger than your technical capabilities hire a virtual assistant to upload your ebook to Kindle and format it if you can’t do it yourself. Don’t be afraid to hire in help. It needn’t break the bank if you are a solo entrepreneur.

7. Get a nicely designed ecover to upload to Kindle. Amazon accept jpeg and png images. Yes, we are not meant to judge a book by it’s cover but a nicely crafted cover can make a big difference to your sales – it’s worth making the effort.

8. Don’t expect to get rich from your Kindle books if you are not prepared to market them! Once your Kindle book has been approved you have to get out there and promote it!

9. Your Kindle books can be promoted in multiple ways via your blog, via your podcast, using social media tools and of course emailing your existing customers base and asking for their help.

Sarah Arrow is author of []Easy Kindle Publishing for bloggers where her clear and concise how to guides help businesses make the most of blogging.

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Article (C) Sarah Arrow 2011

Article Source: [] 9 Tips to Help You Get Your Ebook Onto Kindle

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