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Writing with ease?



We all know the scenario, after fighting tooth and nail to find time to write, we sit down in front of our PC’s and ……nothing! The brain dries up, creative stimulation flies out of the window and we are left fighting frustration as the precious available minutes tick away. Sound familiar?

If this happens to you, you are not alone, it is the age old curse of the ‘creative’s and it strikes at the most inopportune times.


So when does writing with ease and creative flow coincide? Sometimes rarely, unfortunately and this is why every opportunity that we have to write should be taken advantage of. Writing with ease on a regular basis can be as simple as setting aside regular blocks of time and sticking to the schedule irrespective of which little problems crop up, if we can only focus on the goal at hand and work through the brain fog, our ability to make the words flow on demand really can improve.


If writing with ease is consistently elusive, then in addition to setting aside some regular times, it might be worth planning the projects a little more in-depth the night before. If planning is insufficient to get those words flowing, then start your projects off so that you are merely picking up the threads and your train of thought will kick back into gear- essentially becoming more obedient to your demands and I have to say these tips work for me. Ensuring that you have a definite idea of which projects will have your complete focus can also make a big difference to your productivity and if you’re anything like me, without that idea firmly cemented in my mind, I would procrastinate like an expert.


Writing with ease does come, but we have to tease and coax our creativity into submission so that we decide when and where we are going to write and the creative process then starts on cue.

by Annette Young

Freelance Writer/Editor

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