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Sea Kayaker Magazine – Paying Market

Articles that have appeared verbatim on any website will not be accepted. Stories that have been posted in another form online are considered previously published and will be paid at a lower rate than unpublished stories (to be determined by the editor based on overlapping content and exposure).

We prefer contributions from experienced kayakers with some writing experience. We review articles and outlines on speculation, and you may contact our editorial department for feedback before you begin writing.

Submission Requirements
Contributions may be submitted via email with text pasted into the body of the email message or as an attachment using one of the following formats: Microsoft Word (.doc), rich-text (.rtf) or plain text (.txt). Please include complete contact info (name, address, phone number, alternate email address).


Dive New Zealand Paying Market

With most modern magazines today, the trend is to publish a visually stimulating issue while being informative and entertaining. To help us achieve this mix articles need to be less text heavy and to provide high quality photographs.

  • We welcome submissions for consideration. Because we plan issues a minimum of three publications in advance there may be a delay between receiving an article and any decision on whether we will publish. Because we need to tie advertising back to storylines your article may be with our sales section for a spell – if you’re able to separately include contacts for possible advertisers it will help speed up this consideration process.
  • Unless by prior arrangement, words for an article need to be between 600-800 words. If the word count exceeds this the article will be returned to the author for editing and re-submitting.
  • Read the full guidelines here:


     Adoptive Families – Paying Market

    Adoptive Families is the leading information resource for families before, during, and after adoption. The award-winning national bimonthly magazine provides independent, authoritative adoption information in an accessible and reader-friendly format.

    Each issue of Adoptive Families is built around stories of adoption written by people who read the magazine closely and regularly. This active community of readers also offers thoughtful, deeply felt responses to the pieces we publish.

    Read the full guidelines here:


    Little Tiger Press – Paying Market


    Accepts unsolicited manuscripts, illustrations, and design concept proposals presented along the following lines:

    Manuscripts should be no longer than 750 words and should be typed, ideally with double spacing. Please send a hard copy of the work. We do not accept submissions by e-mail or on disc.

    Illustrations should be photocopied, ideally in colour – do not send in originals.

    Please note: We receive many manuscripts each week. We aim to get back to you in three months, so please be patient


    American Falconry – Paying Market


    We have tried to keep our requirements for submissions loose so as not to discourage potential writers. Manuscripts don’t even have to be typed. We understand that some falconers live in remote areas and don’t have access to a computer or typewriter. If you do have access to a computer you may submit your article on disk, or as an email attachment.

    Anytime we do any editing, other than spelling or simple punctuation corrections, a proof copy will be sent to the author for approval.

    We are happy to accept multiple part articles, but we will not normally print part one until we receive the complete series. We encourage authors submitting articles over 5000 words to write them as a series.



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