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Fiction Masterclass Writing Course

creative writing course

Due to changes in the legislation from January 2015, we will be unable to sell courses from December 31st 2014. As such, we have massively discounted our writing courses but will still provide full feedback and support throughout, irrespective of when the course is completed.

This course was £150 for all three sections but now is available for only £45.00.

Please remember that this course will not be available after December 31st 2014 so buy now and take advantage of our crazy discounted prices.

The Fiction Masterclass writing course is written in an easy to comprehend and yet progressive manner. Divided into three separate series and individual aspects of development, it provides a comprehensive foundation to the world of fiction writing. It takes you through each step ensuring that you learn important new techniques en-route. This writing course enables you to join the exalted ranks of the writing professionals.

Due to the change in legislation, we are unable to sell each section separately  so the price for three is only £45.00 ( was £150.00)

Fiction Masterclass Course Part One

Four part course

Writing fiction is a complex but enjoyable way to create life within a whole new world created simply from the writers imagination.

Course Content for the first series includes:

Understanding the nuts and bolts of fiction• Introduction to different genres• Characterisation• Names •Plots • What makes a writer• Generating ideas• Inspiration• The writer within• Projects • Tutor Feedback •

Fiction Masterclass Course Part Two

The second series of the Masterclass Course looks at how to self-motivate and start to think like a writer as well as building upon the previous writing foundations from Part 1.

Course Content includes:

Structure of the story •Complex plots• Generating Ideas • Editing • Thinking like a writer • Self-motivation • Affirmations• Dialogue • What if scenario’s • Conflict • Projects • Tutor Feedback •

 Fiction Masterclass Part Three

3 part course

The final part of the Fiction Masterclass Course consolidates aspects of the previous courses to ensure that the students progress in a consistent manner.

Course Content for Part 3 includes:

Timeline• Writing goals • Focus on genres • Perspective • Voice • Writing Style • Plot, Pitch and Pace • Descriptive Writing•Writing publications• Rejection and Success•

There are additional writing tasks which focus on aspects of all of the series to ensure that all techniques are understood and can be utilized successfully.



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