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Writing Courses – Why You NEED to see this!

Author Annette Young

If you are interested in improving your writing techniques, an online writing course has often provided a simple solution. Instead of struggling to make a college class, it meant you could study at home and take time with learning.

Due to changes in legislation coming into play from January 2015, it means sadly that we will be discontinuing our writing course service as it would mean a substantial price increase if we kept this service open and we do not wish to do that.

Instead, we are going out with a bang and providing massively discounted writing courses with seriously crazy prices and the offer for all courses will close on December 31st 2014. We will be providing full support and feedback still however long it takes for you to complete the course. We will just be unable to sell courses from January 1st 2015.

With this in mind, do take a look at our list of courses and if you wish to take advantage of our closing down sale, why not buy now and start later at a time to suit you? Or, if you would like to purchase a course as a gift for someone, just let us know.

From 2015, we will be promoting our coaching service instead where you can have one-to-one tuition on any aspect of writing whether by Skype or, if you prefer we can arrange the course via email.

If you have any questions, just shout.

Annette Young


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