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Writing a fantasy story? Free your inner child

I don’t know about you but the thought of writing a fantasy story is quite appealing, it isn’t a genre that I have dabbled in much but I can imagine that it conjures up a sense of freedom in a creative sense.

After all, there are so many rules and techniques associated with any type of writing that it must be good to allow your imagination to have free rein and to explore areas of creativity that previously may have never been utilised. Fantasy stories means conjuring up not just the basic storyline but being able to create, expand and build a fantastical world around the central characters.

For a writer, it is like an explosion of creative colour as you paint a descriptive picture of the environment you have dreamed up and you can hook your reader by stretching their imaginations to new bounds.
Gone are the usual limitations of reality.

As adults, we strive to do things the right way, to live by the rules, to abide by laws. How exciting then that a whole new world may be awaiting borne out of our own imaginations and accessed simply by flicking that creative switch so that we can step right into this new realm in the blink of an eye.

I believe that even when writing a fantasy story, there must be elements of realism in place –think of the success of the Harry Potter books. The main characters experience every range of emotion possible throughout the myriad of danger and evil and the reader experiences those emotions too . Whatever characters you decide to create, allow the reader to connect with them even if on a subtle level and they will hang on to every word.

If writing a fantasy story is on your to-do list, then enjoy releasing your inner child and create a world that is magical, mystical and inspiring, I know I’m going to….

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  1. Lucy March 7, 2011

    I agree with you that you have to relate to the main character in a fantasy novel. Think of Lyra in Philip Pullman’s works – she is one of my favorite characters, so brave any child can relate to her.

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