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Writer’s Block

Why it happens and how to overcome it…….

I am always being asked what writer’s block is, why it occurs and how to overcome it quickly and easily and those new to writing appear to become especially concerned about suffering with this creative affliction. Quite simply, although it can be caused by any number of reasons, the negative aspects are that it can substantially halt any creative output because the words do not wish to flow.

The first thing to be aware of is that writer’s block is simply an annoying aspect of the creative process and that it affects writers with varying degrees of experience. The main thing is not to panic and let it become a bigger issue than it is.

Realistically, it is usually no more than a temporary problem and understanding this and accepting that it has happened  is usually enough to prevent it from becoming a real issue. Times when I have experienced it personally have been when I have not planned my writing schedule enough so that my mind was unfocussed or when I have been experiencing a large amount of stress and emotional problems.

These deeper rooted issues affect us on many levels anyway, not just the creative ones, but because writing can be therapeutic it is even more frustrating that the words do not want to form. Writer’s block caused by emotional problems is without doubt harder to overcome but the same rules can still apply, the more angry and frustrated we become, the tighter the grip on our creative muse . Accepting it, relaxing and trying not to worry about it is usually best and remember that it will usually improve when any ongoing pressure is lifted.

Transitional writer’s block can be helped by adopting the following:

  • Write anything even if it is just a complete jumble of words, the simple act of writing will help force through the block and free up the mind.
  • Try timed writing – five minutes of furious writing can eradicate block and because it is only for five minutes, it lifts the pressure of having to struggle through hours of minimal creative activity.
  • Change the project you are working on and start something new.
  • Need any research doing? Then do that first and ease the pressure from yourself. Discovering new information to help with any writing project can fire up the enthusiasm again.
  • Do some quick writing projects (Quick and Easy Writing Projects or Challenging Creative Writing Projects e-books for example).
  • Write up a schedule for the following day. Focusing the brain is an important weapon in alleviating writer’s block.

These are just a sample of tips to help you overcome writer’s block quickly and easily. I have devised them and used them for myself and they really do work. I also teach my writing students to do the same.

Writer’s block seems to be an integral part of the writing process and as annoying and frustrating as it is, consider it a temporary intrusion into your writing progress.

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