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Writing contestsAre you ready to take your first step towards your creative writing dreams? If you would like free entry to our writing competitions, would like to receive massive discounts on our author services and, would love to gather up your writing freebies, please sign up here and pay just £2.50 (instead of £5.95). Please note that your subscription will increase at the end of the first month to £5.95 per month. 

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The Fiction Writer

30% discount against our author services, free entry into any or all of our writing competitions, writing tuition and video support, Write, Learn and Publish newsletter

New for January 2017

Markets for Women

New for April 2017

Write A Non-Fiction Book


The Fiction Masterclass Series (August 2016) NEW!

Free unlimited entry into any of our writing competitions

Massive discounts on our Novel Writing Critiques (30%)

Free evaluation of a short story (up to 3000 words) or first chapter (up to 4000 words). Only available with a six month subscription.

 Our monthly ‘Write to be Published’ newsletter

Articles, Writing jobs, Writing Markets, Writing Advice /Tips, Author interviews, Free Members-only Writing Competition, Coaching etc. 

You can also get a Free BOOK – The Fiction Writer – Keep Your Reader Hanging

The Fiction Writer


Embrace Your Freelance Writing Career

Freelance Writing

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WLP Travel Markets Cover

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