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Write to be Published Newsletter Sample

Our Premier1 Membership is a snip at only £8.95 a quarter providing fantastic discounts and free entry into any of our writing competitions. It also provides you with a great writing resource, ‘Write to be Published’ delivered straight to your inbox every month.

If  you fancy checking out a sample copy, then you can do so here: writetobepublishedissue10

We have lots more plans for Write to be Published so why not sign up today? Your first three months will only cost £6.95 and £8.95 thereafter. By signing up you agree to a 3 monthly subscription and so you will be automatically billed through PayPal every three months but don’t worry, you can cancel your subscription before the next payment goes out if you really feel that the subscription is not of benefit to you -but why would you when you get a great newsletter, free competition entry and discounts on writing courses and critiques?

Want to check out all of the information relating to our Premier1 Membership? Click here:
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