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Write Through Lazy Days…

We have all had moments when we want to write but for some reason the words won’t emerge and the brain is a bit fuzzy. This can happen through lack of forethought but it can also be because we feel the effects of lethargy. If we have allocated that all important few hours for our creative pursuits, it can become distinctly irritating if words start to fail us and in a lethargic state, it doesn’t take much for us to change our mind about writing and to switch to some less important task.

Writers block may happen less to me nowadays but that doesn’t mean I don’t still have lazy days and these can be the most frustrating of all because the only thing stopping me from writing is me. Starting the day off badly can stall that creative action and if I feel a bit tired, naturally, the last thing my brain wants to do is to be used in an imaginative way.

If a lazy day strikes and you feel yourself making numerous excuses to stop your writing practice……stop right there.There is no real excuse for not making the most of that important writing time and you simply need to stimulate your creativity by focussing on some fun projects. If you are sat at home, there are numerous items around you that can be used to conjure up some interesting story ideas.

Collect an assortment of items that should be able to trigger off a an imaginative response and arrange them in a manner that appeals, then simply sit back and gaze at the items:

Pen and calendar lying on the table

One glove and a red lipstick on an oak desk

A newspaper with a red encircled ad and an empty matchbox

Allowing the mind to gently weave possible storylines around these items, keeping the mind open and the thoughts free-flowing will certainly help. If you can persist gently and just consider these scenario’s without any expectations or pressure but simply a mild curiosity, results will start to occur. Quite simply relaxing the mind will allow the brain to use the items as triggers and some creative gems may emerge

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