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Word Clay: 5 Steps to Create a Book From a Pile of Words

By Benjamin C Andrews

Writing a book is a challenging task to undertake. Like any other form of art, it takes time, hard work and dedication. Looking at it from another angle though can help put the job into perspective. One way to look at it is building a figurine from a pile of clay. Writing and sculpting are remarkably similar, which isn’t surprising since they are both art forms. Knowing the proper way to approach an art medium will help you create the most fantastic works of art possible.

1. Gather your materials.

You can’t build anything if you don’t have the materials. Gather up your ideas so you know what you have to work with. Dictionaries, computer, pen and paper, everything that you personally need to actually start putting your thoughts down and beginning the project.

2. Create the rough shape.

Like building figurines out of clay, you begin with a rough shape. For writing, that rough shape is going to be the first draft(s). More likely than not, literary gold won’t jump right through your fingers with every sentence you write the first time. None the less, you need somewhere to start, and it’s much easier to craft those amazing scenes when you have a foundation to build upon.

3. Begin adding in the details.

Once you’ve got the rough draft written, it’s time to look at your word sculpture, and begin bringing it to life. Details are the backbone of a book, and without ample description, readers will have no idea what you are trying to tell them. Just like with clay figurines, the details take time and a delicate touch. A careless thought or motion may scar the piece instead of bringing out its beauty.

4. Check it over and over again.

By this step, you’ve put a lot of work into the piece. Whether you are writing a book or creating a sculpture, you’ve taken the time to create it, and imparted a bit of your heart and soul to its creation. After all that work, it wouldn’t make any sense to just hope it’s good. Look it over, again and again. Keep making adjustments, whether they are finite or massive, until you see what you intended at the start.

5. Finalize it.

Part of any project is reaching the end. Once you’ve reached that point, it’s time to tie the bow on this puppy. Put any final touches on the project, and put it together in any way necessary so it is ready to be presented to others. Sometimes this can be the most challenging step. It can be hard to decide when something is truly done. This is also one of the most gratifying steps. Seeing your work finished and ready for others to view makes the entire project worth while.

About the author:

I’m Benjamin C. Andrews, an author sharing my writing knowledge with others. Visit for more writing tips and tricks, and other quality information.

Article Source: [] Word Clay: 5 Steps to Create a Book From a Pile of Words

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