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Why Emotion Is Necessary In Writing Poetry?

By Cesar Gealogo

Every piece written in poetic verse must have life and it must be able to speak clearly. It is the poet’s responsibility that his poem must have to convey some emotions. A poem without emotion seems dead and it looks like it did not exist in the literary world. A poet must have to exert all effort to make his masterpiece sealed with passion. It’s because poetry is the framework of the human spirit.

A poem written with feelings will truly shines above all other verses composed without a sentiment. Your poetry is well penned if your reader displays a some kind of enchantment while reading the piece. It’s a clear sign that your piece is sealed with emotions when your readers interact with your creation. Aside from that your poem must enable the persons reading your works to see the beauty you have painted with your words whether it is smiling, frowning, laughing or crying, in love or in pain. Whatever your words want to draw or convey it must display an emotion.

Whether you are writing poetry with the use of some evocative words or direct statement it must contain feelings. One purpose why you are writing poetry is you want to share the idea that have been staying in your mind. You want to release your thoughts through poetry because you want to lighten the burden you are carrying for a period of time.

Poetry must have always emotions and it must be sensitive to the feelings of the recipient. It must be able to suggest some kind of valuable emotions to the receiver so that the readers can interact with the message you have just penned with ease.

It is necessary that your poem must contain emotions because it is the one who would suggest to the readers of what feelings must be displayed. For instance, if you are writing a love poem your piece must contain words of adoration. When it speaks about hatred and jealousy then it must contain feelings that most associated with the subject.

To have your poetry acquired its true personality then it is vital that it must contain a sentiment. Give your magnum opus a persona with a unique character to let it shine above all other works. Make your readers sense what have you feel and allow them to enjoy every beautiful moment you have shared with them. Let your work speaks out what your heart had says and let other individual embrace the momentous moment you have been experiencing in life.

Cesar E. Gealogo,

Poet, Criminologist, Police Officer

Personal website:

He has been writing poetry for more than 10 years and he authored the poetry book entitled: Whisper of Life. He is a registered criminologist of the Professional Regulation Commission of the Philippines. He is a member of the Professional Criminologist Association of the Philippines (PCAP) with more than 12 years of experience in law enforcement. He earned two baccalaureate degrees: Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Bachelor of Science in Criminology. He has also earned 36 academic units in Master of Public Administration. To learn more about Cesar, please feel free to visit his personal website.

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