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Want to Publish? Then Publish Something Good

Author/Editor Annette YoungI have been known to rant a bit, but then I believe passionately in writing and those wonderful feelings of satisfaction achieved after writing and publishing something worthwhile.  Being an author is not easy. Your best work is often the result of laboured productivity where you have to wrench painful, emotional or difficult experiences from deep within and to share them with the world. You put your heart and soul on the line every single time you have something published.

Writing is hard work, you face rejection, you feel the brunt of reader feed-back, you are filled with doubts at times about your own skill-set, oh and the road to making a million is a long and trying one. In short, there are mistakes and set-backs waiting to be made every step of the way.

Self-publishing is a wonderful resource and although some still shy away from self-publishing, I say accept and embrace every single opportunity to get published that you can. If you make mistakes, accept them but don’t stop writing or publishing your books. There’s a global audience just waiting to read your words.

It’s important to be clear however that indie publishing is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’ or, a way to haphazardly create books that have not been created with love, care and attention. If you are going to publish, then publish something good. Why would you not spend the same time and effort with an ebook as you would with a traditional book? The only difference might be that you have a smaller word count with an ebook, the quality of words should be the same.

Understanding why you want to write as well as who you are writing for will certainly help you to have a definite plan of attack. If it’s just some fuzzy idea of being an author, then forget it. Have some pride in your work. Plan your book, live and breathe those words, and have a definitive message to share.

Having work published is akin to leaving a part of you behind long after you have given up your grip on life.  It’s a way of being alive forever, at least in the eyes of the reader who will want to know more about you. Just imagine your book being read 50 years from now, new dedicated readers who desperately wish you were still able to write….or not, depending on the quality.

So think about the end result. Do you want the reader to put your book down and think wow? Do you want them to feel informed and satisfied by the content? If you think about your book from start to finish then they will. If you are an author who thinks that using indie publishing is just a way to churn out any old rubbish or to make a bit of cash then you will simply leave the reader feeling disappointed and cheated.

What type of author do you want to be?

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