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Time to Write

Why Fast Fiction Projects Work

We have all moaned about having so little time and in this modern, fast-paced society we live in today, I guess that it could be true. However, there are too many demands on our time which do not fulfil us in the creative sense, so it is important that we do not let the pleasure of our writing time pass us by.

Fast fiction works well because it takes so little time to do. Yes you really can write something whilst waiting for the bath to run ( only don’t forget that it’s running) or whilst waiting for the iron to heat up. Only got fifteen minutes to spare? That’s plenty of time to put pen to paper. Challenge yourself. It’s also a fun way to pass a little bit of time.

Think of the times when you are having to wait for somebody. Perhaps you are in the dentist waiting room or sat in the car waiting to pick up the children out of school? Waiting is boring, use that free time to your advantage and you will be amazed at the writing achievements that lie ahead.

In my free book Quick and Easy Creative Writing Projects, I show you how to maximise your free time with inspirational and creative tasks, best of all, it gets you writing regularly. To pick up a copy of the e-book, simply sign up for the free writers newsletter at

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