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Taking Advantage of the New Ebook Revolution

By Jerry Holliday

When Amazon announced that their Kindle digital download sales had eclipsed both their hardback and paperback sales combined, the moment of the new ebook revolution had arrived.

The launch of the Amazon Kindle in 2007 allowed people to simply click and buy to download ebooks from the Kindle marketplace onto their device. In 2009 the Apple iPad exploded onto the scene bringing with it the iBook app that also enabled ebook sales via other Apple family of products such as the iPhone and iPod.

Other ebook readers such as the Nook range of readers opened up the Barnes and Noble marketplace with Sony and others joining the fray.

This is truly exciting time for writers and information publishers throwing open a mainstream marketplace that is quickly expanding.

Firstly why should you publish an ebook?

You establish yourself as an expert
You can use your books and guides as lead generators to build your list and sell backend services and products
It doesn’t have to be a mammoth book. You can publish guides, short reports, whitepapers and even publish your blog posts as a book.

The global ebook market grew by 200% in 2010, so the question is how can you take advantage of this huge market?

There are plenty of Publish on Demand platforms out there that can help you publish and distribute your books. You can ‘Google’ publish on demand and see what is available and best suits your needs.

Lulu is probably the most well know of POD (publish on demand) services with a range of add-on support services such as marketing, proofreading, design and editing.

Fastpencil also offers publish on demand but with a unique book writing wizard that templates the process to produce professional standard book creation. These two will also be able to publish your content as physical paperback or hardback as well as an ebook.

Smashwords give authors a route to a wide range of platforms including the iPad, Nook, Kobo and soon the Kindle.

A more direct approach can be taken using the Kindle Direct Publishing Platform for Amazon’s digital marketplace or Nook’s PubIt! You will need to convert your word document into file for the Kindle and the other common format is called ePUB.

These are just a small handful of examples but the main point to take from this is that there is no better time to start planning, writing and publishing your content!

For a free guide on setting up your content directly for the Amazon Kindle and preparing books for the Smashwords platform click on the link below.

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