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Take a Step Up the Writing Ladder Today

Our Premier1 Membership has been revamped and is brimming over with writing advice, tips and even video coaching sessions. If you are a serious writer and want a truly inspirational membership package then join us and escalate your career to new levels. No matter what your current level of experience or how much time you have to invest, we will take you by the hand and help you to improve your technique, increase your potential for publication and to help you earn money from your writing.

It’s the fun way to get more creative!

What sort of information will I get?

Regular writing jobs and opportunities but we will also look at how you apply for them and even what you need to do if you get awarded a writing job. We also look at how to build your brand as a writer. But this membership isn’t just for writers of non-fiction, it looks at writing as a whole and will help you to improve your fiction to publication standard.

We are adding video coaching sessions so  that you feel like you are having one to one coaching.

Our membership package is crammed full of writing information and if you want to get writing membership at an incredible price…

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