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Suspenseful Fiction Writing Competition

1st Prize: £300

2nd Prize: £200

3rd Prize:£100

Closing date: 20th September 2011

Entry fee: £4.00

He had been watching her for months. Checking out her behaviours, monitoring her movements until now, he felt he knew her almost as well as she knew herself. It hadn’t been easy breaking into her circle whilst hiding in the shadows retaining anonymity but now he was almost ready to make his move….

The key to winning this competition is to engage the reader with suspenseful intent. Build up the tension and keep us hanging onto every word. You have 2000 words in which to create your masterpiece of drama excluding the title. (Please note that the sentence provided does not have to form part of your submission but should be pasted above your opening paragraphs as your starting point). Remember that all submissions must be previously unpublished and original.

Please check your submission carefully for errors and then email to: and mark Suspenseful Fiction in the subject line. No attachments. Please paste your submission into the body of the email.

UK residents may submit their entry by post andpay by cheque.

We publish the winning submission only.

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