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Mini-Manuscript Critique Special Offer

manuscript critiqueThis fantastic offer Mini-Manuscript Evaluation Service is perfect for those who would like a speedy yet valuable appraisal of any partially completed manuscript or projects such as short stories or articles. The Mini- Manuscript Evaluation provides the same high level of feedback as the full Evaluation Service.

This is ideal for those who would like detailed clarification of the standard of their work and an open and honest appraisal designed to help the writer improve (where necessary) and to be able to help them to get their work published.

Our service is available for the following:The first three chapters of a novel or non-fiction book – up to 21,000 words collectively or 3 articles or short stories up to 21,000 words collectively.


Usually £35.00 now only £21.95 OFFER CLOSES 25th February 2014

Or choose to double up on the offer and pay only £40.00 instead of £70.00

If you choose to double the offer, you can have 6 articles or short stories reviewed or chapters 1-3 on two manuscripts or, a combination of short stories/articles and manuscript.

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