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Create Living Breathing Characters


We all have our own writing dreams but if you are determined to make 2014 the year that you escalate your writing skills, let us help you. We have a special offer for our Create Living, Breathing Characters course. It is a beautifully written course that will help you to crawl beneath the skin of those fictional characters and to write from an informed viewpoint. If you want to be a great fiction writer, you need this.

Create Living Breathing Characters

Creating successful characters is one of the most important techniques to learn as it is the strength and believability of those characters that make the reader start to care about  your story. Without the reader buying into the character progression, the story will remain 2 dimensional.

This course is all about bringing your characters to life with some inspiring projects and contents include:

Using photos for character inspiration• Creating layers• Character profiles• Flaws• Creating the protagonist• What if scenario’s• Conflict• Dramas• locations• Body language and behaviours • Developing the characters• Action scenes• Dialogue • Creative projects• Tutor feedback.

This is an intensive course with support by professional writing tutor Annette Young

Special Offer – Closes Thursday February  6th. 

Usually £50.00 – now only £22.00

Keen to grab an absolute bargain?

If you prefer us to invoice you, contact us at the email address above and we will do so.
This is a fantastic offer and will not be repeated at this price again this year. So don’t miss out if you wish to bring those characters to life.

This course will be sent to you in installments by email and provides full feedback and support. Work through the sections at your leisure, there is no set time remit for completion.

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