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Spark 12 Month WLP Offer


Writing contests

Write, Learn and Publish Special Offer

12 months for just £24.95 – actual price £39.50

Our Write, Learn and Publish membership provides you with more than just news about the writing and publishing industry, you receive updates about the latest jobs for writers, markets – fiction and non-fiction and, FREE entry into any of our writing competitions.

Just imagine a whole 12 months of creativity, guidance and tuition plus free entry into a multitude of writing competitions published right here. Most of our writing competition entry fees would cost you £3.50 or more to enter….that’s per submission. Imagine entering multiple times over the 12 months, you’ll save money but you could also win fantastic cash prizes. Plus, because you are a member, you are more committed to the creative writing process.

The free tuition and writing opportunities help to accelerate your writing curve and, you receive many other benefits including the Write, Learn and Publish newsletter. 

Write A Non-Fiction Book

Importantly, you maximise your potential to take your writing to a whole new level and have fun doing so. 

Here are just some of the benefits:

Fiction Masterclass – FREE

Write a Non-Fiction Book – Part One

Science Fiction and Fantasy Paying Markets

Travel Writing Markets

Write for Women’s Magazines

A Writer’s Guide to the Death Scene

Author Services Discounts

Writing Courses Discounts

FREE book The Fiction Writer – Keep Your Reader Hanging and MORE…..


(Actual Price £39.50)

Don’t delay. Sign up now and let us help you have fun and success with the written word!




Please note that we do not guarantee members will win writing competitions however, we provide the best tuition and guidance to help them do so. Please allow time for your membership to be set up. We will contact you within 24 hours of your payment but you are able to enter competitions for free. Please just notify us that you have signed up for our membership. You can do so here:

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