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So You Want to Write a Novel?

by Annette Young

I believe we all yearn to write a novel at some point but now, there are even greater reasons for actually doing so. Writers can now get their novels published easily, self-publishing is acceptable and why not? There’s thousands, no, millions of fantastic novels that get turned down by traditional publishers. When you consider that J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter book was turned down by 12 such publishers, you can see that self-publishing really is a writer’s new best friend. Unlimited opportunities and potential for the creatively minded.

So, if you have plans to one day write a novel, harden your resolve and make it become a reality instead of simply thinking about it. Is it easy to write a novel? No, it’s a test of creativity, imagination, skill and dedication. Is it worth the effort? Absolutely yes.

You may be sitting there toying with the possibilities but then, decide you don’t have time, it would be impossible. However, I know that time restrictions or not, if you really want to write a novel, then you will. That’s the difference between someone who contemplates writing a novel one day and the person who puts their words to good use now. I understand completely that time has a way of sabotaging creative pursuit. Even though I write full-time, it happens to me here. I plan my day, perhaps ready to dedicate time to work on my own writing projects and then something unexpected and frustrating throws a spanner in the creative works.

So even though this happens, I know it’s still possible to create and manage time so you can write a novel and, in less time than you might think. It’s all about organisation and freeing up your time. I used to write before I started work. I wrote in my lunch hours and at every other opportunity and you will be amazed at how quickly the word count starts to pile up if you do so. How many words could you realistically write in a day? If you could write one thousand words a day, the first draft of the novel would be completed in just two months. Now, can you see it is possible to write a novel even if you are busy?

The solution is to calculate how many words you could, on average, write in a day and then build this into your schedule. All it takes is a little planning and commitment and you could add novelist to your list of credentials.

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