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Christmas is coming. It is a time of celebration, of goodwill and the sharing of gifts… But not for Tammy Becks. Her mum is sick, her brothers need looking after and in her desperation she turns to a coffee shop, a quiet little back-alley place, far from the bustle of the high street. It is called Revive.

Phil has lost his job of twenty years. With the festive pressure mounting and a family of his own to feed, he must do whatever necessary to make ends meet, even if that means donning a beard, jacket and boots for the foreseeable future…

Except even that proves uncertain, when a last coffee on Christmas Eve sees him at Revive. A subtle horror has been brewing and the untimely death of a regular unleashes it in all its ancient, bitter force. Even the dead can’t resist one last drink before closing…


Read the prologue of Thomas James Brown’s novel right here.


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  1. Thomas James Brown December 5, 2011

    ‘Whereas, typically, zombie novels seem to focus on blood, gore and violence, Revive’s focus is firmly fixed on its sharply drawn array of unusual characters which are developed fully as the novel progresses. Even the coffee shop itself has a breathing and ominous presence – a bitter history, all of its own. From the very outset, you know something is very, very wrong at Revive […] His descriptions are superb and make the horrifying climax of this book so disturbing. It even has a ‘nice’ little twist at the end that will leave fans – and this book will have fans – gasping for more!’

    The first review for the book is in – read it at Dark River Press:

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